Thank you date not always verbal.

In most cases thank you’s are signs of gratitude that are usually spoken with the word “thank you”. However think user not always displayed with verbal gratitude sometimes they’re displayed in the form of a card sometimes they’re displayed in return of assistance, and in many other ways. Today my thank you was delivered via card. My neighbor has a dog that barks occasionally and it doesn’t bother me until last night when it sounded like it was crying it was doing this for a little while I thought maybe it got hurt or it was outback being punished for chewing something in the house. But this turned out not to be the case. As the dog continued crying which later I found out was howling, I got more concerned about the health and safety of my neighbor. So I quickly got up ran over to my neighbors house knocked on her door she promptly answered it which was good I may have started looking in the windows to make sure she was okay at that point but when she asked what was up I told her I was concerned. As soon as I told her why she literally said “awe”, and gave me a huge hug. I went to check the mail this morning I found this card in there and it wasn’t Mail time yet I just have this bad habit of looking in the mailbox to kill time she sent gave me a thank you card. I thought this was super sweet and wanted to share.

So don’t forget even though someone may not say thank you it doesn’t mean that they’re not grateful it also doesn’t mean that they may not show her thanks in a different way not everybody is the same.


the finished wheel

Paracord Wrapped Steering Wheel

So, I previously had my steering wheel wrapped in paracord(black) but it started to get grubby. Which is why I wrapped my steering wheel in the first place. It was just over a year and a half old and it was time for a new one. I asked one of my friends to pick the color while I was on amazon and she choose green. It’s actually quite easy to do and take about 1 1/2 hours and some patients. For my wheel it took just a couple of inches under 96 feet of para cord length to do mine. I got mine from amazon for just under $10 and there’s many choices of colors and styles. I just want to warn you though if you have a leather wheel you’ll probably make indents to the wheel that wont come out. But this definitely beets those loose steering wheel covers that slip around everywhere. id rather have something more permanent that i wont have to worry about it slipping around in an emergency situation.

Tips for your wrap:

  • Go section by section, I had three, If you loosely wrap your whole wheel and then tension you’ll find you may have not made enough preemptive wraps for that section.
  • Make sure to keep your tension as you move from section to section a small or simple knot will suffice for a short time.
  • My wheel takes just under 100′ of cord length. make sure you have enough because, well, I hope I don’t have to explain that one.

Weee! It’s my fire log!

This thing is awesome I found a video tutorial online of how to make these things all you got to do this through water into a bucket drain the water and let it dry through this thing onto a fire and this thing is going to last for over 12 hours as is awesome because it’s not only recycling but there fun to make and fun to explain to people.