So we got up early this morning because I thought I had a doctors appointment. Instead of the time that we would’ve needed to be at the doctors, we are now taking advantage of a well needed breakfast together out at Peaches.  


It’s always good to be able to hang out with your family and your extended family. It’s always great to have people that love you and want to be with you. You have to get rid of those that do not treat you with the same love and respect that your brother or sister would.


It’s so nice to have change in my life, without it in certain I would go stir crazy. And with out some crazy in my life I’m certain that I wouldn’t like it.

So what cha age has come my way? Lest start with the best changes that are coming. First off my roommates are moving forward with there lives and have found a place of there own. Which then leads to having another friend of mine move in. On that same subject my landlord may not let me stay at the place I’m living at. So there’s a lot of chi ages on the home front. I like most of them!

As far as my love life well, it’s complicated right now. I just a GF of mine because I wasn’t happy being with her, and I just met another girl recently! I’m super happy about that one but communication and time together has been sparse. And it’s not her fault she’s just very busy. She’s so beautiful and I’m falling for her fast! I hope we work out! I really do.

I hope to be back in school soon there are some hills that I have to walk over, but nothing that I can’t handle. I’m ready to start moving forward again!

And as far as friends go I’ve reconnected with an ole friend of mine that I had lost a while ago. Although I’m sure at lost isn’t the best descriptor but it’s the easiest for this topic.

All in all things are going well!

I hope things in your life mr. or ms. reader as going the same!!!