When i have answered your question very clearly, in english, and without technical jargon, and you still continue to ignore me, you continue to do what i have said otherwise, and you just can’t do simple tasks, well then you make me want to yell at you.

what made you decide in life to not be aware, to not pay attention to the things around you? it makes me so mad at times.

About this Boston trip.

Let me start by saying it’s cold it’s really really cold. I mean look at this! That snow storm is headed right for me.

20140213-082812.jpgthat’s freaking rediculous.

But any ways it’s beautiful out.

When I grew up I lived in michigan I moved not too long ago and now I’m used to the warmth. But the reason I’m here is for business and it’s going really well. My company was so vet generous to fly me out here and pay for literally everything. I’m so blessed to work with them. :). Thx guys!

Kids are so cute sometime

I’m in the airport as I’m headed to my gate there’s this kid just laying on the floor throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t want to go.

His mother walks up she says one sentence in the kid gets up and starts walking away it was hilarious. She said and I quote “Want to go play?”. Moms and kids. Dads don’t get it sometimes.

2014 goals will do list

The list;

First off is my health;
-no more soda for a year
-no alcohol for a yea
-no fast food for a year

Secondly is my fitness
-must work out at least once a week no matter little or small
-cannot sit around the house for more than 24 hours consistently
-by 2015 I must have obtained definition on my muscles

Lastly is the miscellaneous;
-I will keep putting away into my savings.
-I must be debt free before 2015
-I will go back to furthering my education
-I will have raised my income by more than 10%

I think these are great goals to start with.

Oh the pool, such great memories.

Oh gosh, where to start. The pool has been the center of many things. My grand father had a pool, there so many memories at that one from floats to pushing people in to rusty nails. Then there’s other pools such as the one at the YMCA where I did swimming lessons for a short time. Pools create so many great stories and suck a great and fun time to connect with friends and family. This week it’s family.



What is it about fire that’s so interesting? Fire is so beautiful and used everywhere. It can be so warm and useful, heat for a cold house, the center of a party out side with a bond fire. And it is also so very powerful! Fire is used in cars for thrust from is explosive expansion pressures, it’s heat is used to power steam for engines, it’s heat can also be used to melt steel and allow blacksmiths the ability to do theIr work. With all these amazing uses it’s still very wildly outta control and semi uncontainable. It can come when you least expect it too and can be hard to stop.

But what I love about fire, well I guess it’s everything about it.